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Memengo Wallet - be free from memorizing passwords.

If you have problems remembering PIN codes and web site passwords you will like Memengo Wallet. Memengo Wallet is a password manager application that works wherever you are - in any modern web browser or right on the phone, keeping data synchronized.

  • It's secure. You create and keep the "master key" (a passphrase of your choice) that encrypts your data. No one can read your data without that key, not even us.
  • It's reliable. We backup the data hourly and keep copies offsite - so that you don't have to.
  • It's available. Your data is available to you anywhere there is a modern web browser. It's also available to you on your mobile phone. Changes made in one propagate to the other.
  • It's convenient. A lot better than a disarray of yellow sticky notes.
  • It's cheap. In some cases, free.
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